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Dean Jaxon: Dean in the Morning Show                          Facebook: Dean in the Morning

Weekdays 6am-10am                                                                                                   Email Dean:

Dean was born in Maine and grew up in suburban Massachusetts.  His high school was and is one of the few in the country to have its own radio station. Dean is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston.  He’s spent over 25 years on the radio as a personality. His career has taken him to North Carolina, South Carolina, Maine, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and the great state of Washington.  Dean is happily married and is the father of three fine young men.  He and his wife moved to Spokane in 2000.  Two of his boys were born at Sacred Heart. He’s done Bloomsday twice but plans to skip this years race. Living in a variety of places has given Dean a greater understanding of people. He believes life is a journey.  The detours you take a long the way make the trip worthwhile. He is very excited about his return to 101.1 FM and hopes you’ll come along on the next leg of his personal & professional adventure on the radio.

When you wake up in the morning you’re lucky if you can get dressed, get out the door and get to where ever you need to be on time.

The average commute time in Spokane is under 20 minutes to most parts of the city and outlying communities.

Dean wants his listeners to feel like they get the useful and entertaining information they want on a daily basis without having to suffer through a lot of long winded chatter.

Within 30 minutes you’ll hear news, weather, sports & entertainment news.  You’ll get all of that plus Rock N’ Roll’s Greatest Hits.

All of this information is balanced with phone calls, contests and audio from news makers, TV, Film & Comedy.

A fun way to start the day!


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Rock 'n' Roll's Greatest Hits

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